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Wesco Aircraft is authorized by virtually every major manufacturer of aerospace hardware as well as some of the more specialized manufacturers.   Wesco is one of the largest procurers of aerospace fasteners in the world, and in some cases our aggregated purchases far exceed those of the OEM’s.  Wesco has the industry’s broadest and most extensive range of Customer and Supplier product approvals.

With sales offices strategically located around the globe, including the US, Europe and Asia,  we are able to provide a world class service to our partners which includes procurement, Quality, warehousing, expediting parts as well as many other “value added services” to assist in removing un-necessary waste and adopting the latest lean environments demanded within today’s production facilities

By allowing Wesco to use our core competency to perform these services it allows you to concentrate on your core disciplines   Wesco can provide parts where you want them, competitively, on time every time.

Wesco can provide everything from solid rivets to blind rivets, Hi-Loks to Lockbolts, high strength bolts in sleeved and sleeveless versions and in a variety of materials and finishes and all types of blind bolts.  We have innovative product which can now be “bonded” resulting in a structural integrity.  We have parts that can be installed in all types of materials in airframe, engine, systems or space applications. Wesco can also provide the specialist tooling required to install some of these products. 

If we don’t have what you need, we have experienced sales personnel at all of our locations who can suggest something you may be able to use from stock, pending approval of your engineering of course, or know where we can get the parts for you.  

We look forward to assisting you the next time you need parts, and for your convenience the locations of our offices are provided on this site so that you contact one nearest you.

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