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Comprehensive Support for Tool Lifecycle

We offer an unrivaled inventory of tools, part and accessories, as well as comprehensive tool services. We operate a manufacturer-authorized Tooling Center that supports you through the lifecycle of the tool, from sales and rentals to tool maintenance and repair. Our Technical Applications Specialists can help troubleshoot any tooling issues and also identify tool to fastener.

Identify Proper Tools & Accessories

·         Material removal

·         Fastener installation

·         Spare parts & accessories

·         Calibration equipment

Tool Sales and Rentals

·         Factory new tools

·         Rebuilt tools for 50%

of manufacturer price

·         Cost effective tool rentals

  Exclusive Distributorships

·         Permaswage

·         Fatigue Technology

·         Alcoa Eddie-Bolt Systems



Maintenance and Repair Services

·         Certified technicians

·         Spare parts & accessories

·         Manufacturer warranty


 On-Site Services

·         Tool stocking

·         Maintenance

·         Repair