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Wesco Aircraft maintains a quality system based on AS9100/AS9120/ISO9001 and conforms to FAA Advisory Circular 00-56A (AC00-56A).  The quality system has been certified by TUV USA.  Wesco’s quality system was adopted in keeping with the company’s overall commitment to its customers and is reflected in our company’s formal quality policy:

“As a global industry leader, Wesco Aircraft is committed to the on-time, error-free management and delivery of products and services for aerospace, defense and general industrial applications.”

“We are dedicated to meet or exceed our customer expectations, foster employee professionalism and continually improving our Quality Management System.”

“Committed to Quality”

Through Wesco’s quality control processes we can ensure that every part our customers receive meets their most stringent requirements.  With training and awareness in our continuous improvement practices, every Wesco employee is committed to our Quality Policy.

Wesco Aircraft has over 100 experienced and qualified quality personnel representing the following departments:

Receiving Inspection
Final Inspection
Kit Inspection
Material Testing Laboratory
Supplier Quality
QA Compliance

Wesco Aircraft’s inspection process involves a dimensional, visual and certification inspection to ensure that product meets the latest revision.  If a non-conformance is discovered the entire lot is rejected and immediately returned to the manufacturer.  Our goal is to maintain or exceed our customers quality standards ensuring non-conforming product is not shipped.

To ensure the highest quality of our products, Wesco performs incoming inspections using industry accepted sampling plans and are performed using state of the art equipment, as appropriate.  All inspection equipment is calibrated on regularly scheduled intervals, ensuring accurate and consistent measurements.

Outbound product is verified that it meets all of our customer’s requirements prior to shipping.

Wesco’s enhanced inventory management system allows us to rapidly determine the location of product within our facility, in addition to complete inventory management, our system allows us to maintain 100% lot traceability for all of our products, both internally and on all shipments made to our customers.

Wesco’s quality systems are regularly inspected/audited by our customer’s, which ensures we live up to our customer’s high standards of quality.  Our quality services include:

Delegated Inspection or dock to stock delivery is an integral part of a total cost reduction strategy, as it reduces the cost of quality to our customer by eliminating redundant receiving inspections.

Delegated Quality Representative (DQR) are authorized by the customer  to act on their behalf to accept product by performing inspection according to agreed upon specification procedures and inspection methods, releasing product for shipment to the customer and maintaining communications with the customer.

Supplier Quality Management process controls are managed by Wesco personnel who work closely with the suppliers to continuously improve the process controls as needed to reduce non-conformances.

Electronic Document Storage is used to store product certifications, inspection reports and test reports so they can be viewed when needed.  This documentation may be accessed through this web site 24/7.

Wesco Aircraft is committed to complying with all contractual and regulatory requirements and continually improving our processes.

Wesco Aircraft promotes customer focus throughout the organization and continues to set high quality standards as the leader in our industry.

Wesco Aircraft employees strive to meet or exceed the quality and delivery expectations of all our customers.

Wesco Aircraft is supported by management’s commitment to continuously improve our processes and procedures in accordance with our Quality Management System.