Wesco Aircraft acquired by affiliate of Platinum Equity, combined with Pattonair at closing. Read more.


Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair
Merger Complete

We are pleased to announce that the merger of Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair is now complete. Bringing together our two companies creates a truly global enterprise with complementary strengths and industry-leading capabilities. The combined company is a highly diversified supply chain solutions provider with greater scale, product range and purchasing ability. We look forward to meeting your current and future supply chain needs by offering the most effective, efficient and innovative solutions as your strategic partner of choice. Read more.


Providing Supply Chain Solutions to the Global Aerospace Industry

Enabling Aerospace OEMs and Subcontractors to Focus on Core Business

Aircraft OEMS and subcontractors for commercial aerospace and business jet sectors are looking to outsource supply chain functions in order to focus on their core manufacturing business. Experienced service provider like Wesco Aircraft can help reduce logistical burden and introduce operational efficiencies and cost savings by managing non-core functions. These critical outsourceable functions include warehousing, inventory management, purchasing, and quality management.

With the right combination of broad product offerings and supply chain management expertise, Wesco Aircraft implements supply and service solutions that enable customers in the Commercial Aerospace and Business Jet manufacturing sectors to focus on their core business.

Wesco Aircraft is continuously adding new product lines and commodities to its consumables and expendables offering, in addition to the logistics functions and technologies to continuously provide value to customers and adapt to changing market trends. As new international aerospace opportunities expand for commercial and business jet sectors in the growing overseas markets, customers require a global partner to expand international operations. Wesco’s global footprint leverages an international network with a local touch to provide solutions that fit customers’ regional requirements.

Benefits of Wesco Aircraft Solutions

  • Lower overhead costs
  • Reduced inventory need
  • Improved productivity
  • Supplier consolidation
  • Part quality improvement
  • Better on-time delivery
  • Fewer stock shortages
  • Global footprint with local support