Composite Management Services

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composites management services

Enabling Efficiencies in Composite Part Manufacture

Composite parts help reduce aircraft fuel costs and emissions while enabling longer flights and lower maintenance as compared to aluminum. The percentage of composites content by weight in aircraft continues to increase, examples include the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350 at greater than 50% composite materials. Now composite part manufacturers can become more efficient and deliver even higher value to their customers through Wesco Composite Management Services.

Wesco Composite Management Services provide aerospace manufacturers with both highly efficient process material and structural pre-preg kits for simple to complex parts. Our kits include a custom vacuum bagging system and dynamically nested structural kits that reduce material usage, process times and labor, while enabling composites part producers to fulfill the significant increase in demand. We deploy proprietary software for dynamic nesting, batch traceability and material life management, adding efficiencies and reducing your capital outlay.

A Leader in Comprehensive Supply Chain Management and Composite Management Services

As a leading provider of comprehensive supply chain and material management services for the world’s most demanding applications, Wesco delivers responsive solutions that address the distinct needs of composites manufacturers. Wesco provides supply chain services from procurement to inventory optimization, engineered kit supply, just-in-time delivery, quality inspection, onsite transport, regulatory reporting support, expiration management and waste disposal. Our proprietary tcmIS® software manages the data required for optimal inventories, material locations, data cleansing and regulatory reporting.

Wesco enables the composite manufacturer to focus on its core composites manufacturing while we provide time-saving kits where and when you need them.


Benefits of Wesco Composite Management Services

Think of Wesco as your complete solution provider, enabling:

  • Material savings for process materials, film adhesives and structural prepregs
  • High quality, repeatable process with reduced part to part variation
  • Material life management and batch traceability
  • Time and labor savings in the composites manufacturing process
  • More consistent production times
  • Capital equipment reduction (cutting machines, freezers, nesting software, etc.)
  • Space savings in the clean room
  • Integrated supply chain solutions that improve cash flow and reduce cost
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