JIT Management

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Optimize Your Inventory Management

Lean Processes for Increased Efficiency

Our Just-in-Time Management Services optimize your product supply and replenishment to the shop floor, ensuring a smooth flow of materials at the right quantities. Wesco helps your business minimize its storage footprint while preventing stock shortages.  

Benefits of Just-in-Time Management

  • Prevent stock shortages 
  • Closely monitor and analyze consumption at point of use
  • Elevated forecasting ability
  • Improved cash flow from lower inventory carrying costs
  • Reduced inventory spend through optimal replenishment quantities

Automated Replenishment and Inventory Monitoring Technology

Our systems are the high-tech evolution of kanban management tools. We use proprietary smartphone scanners, inventory planning tools, and software solutions to:

  • Initiate automatic order replenishment
  • Track consumption at the point of use
  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Maintain continuous data visibility
  • Manage product expiration and obsolescence

Automatic invoicing and tailored reporting allow greater visibility into your optimal inventory levels, so you can reduce investment in unnecessary stock and increase stock turnover.

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