Wesco Aircraft acquired by affiliate of Platinum Equity, combined with Pattonair at closing. Read more.


Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair
Merger Complete

We are pleased to announce that the merger of Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair is now complete. Bringing together our two companies creates a truly global enterprise with complementary strengths and industry-leading capabilities. The combined company is a highly diversified supply chain solutions provider with greater scale, product range and purchasing ability. We look forward to meeting your current and future supply chain needs by offering the most effective, efficient and innovative solutions as your strategic partner of choice. Read more.

JIT Management

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Optimize Your Inventory Management

Lean Processes for Increased Efficiency

Our Just-in-Time Management Services optimize your product supply and replenishment to the shop floor, ensuring a smooth flow of materials at the right quantities. Wesco helps your business minimize its storage footprint while preventing stock shortages.  

Our service programs consolidate spending, enable reassignment of your staff to higher value activities, and significantly reduce your capital carrying costs.

With integrated software and kanban based systems, Wesco’s JIT Management Services brings greater efficiency to your business.

Benefits of Our Just-in-Time Management

  • Prevent stock shortages 
  • Closely monitor and analyze consumption at point of use
  • Elevated forecasting ability
  • Improved cash flow from lower inventory carrying costs
  • Reduced inventory spend through optimal replenishment quantities

Our JIT Management reduced one aircraft component manufacturer’s inventory carrying costs by 44% and eliminated shortages.


Automated Replenishment and Inventory Monitoring Technology

Our systems are the high-tech evolution of kanban management tools. We use proprietary smartphone scanners, inventory planning tools, and software solutions to:

  • Initiate automatic order replenishment
  • Track consumption at the point of use
  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Maintain continuous data visibility
  • Manage product expiration and obsolescence

Automatic invoicing and tailored reporting allow greater visibility into your optimal inventory levels, so you can reduce investment in unnecessary stock and increase turnover rates.

A Global Leader in Supply Chain Solutions

With our industry expertise and global footprint, Wesco Aircraft is the ideal partner for bringing efficiency to your operations.

Take charge of your inventory management with the help of our comprehensive supply chain and operational solutions.

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