Quality Management Services

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We work tirelessly to ensure all of the products we stock are Quality Assured, verified and ready for use on the shop floor.

Best-in-Class Quality Management

As a trusted global supply partner, we are our customers’ first line of defense against costly errors and risks in their supply chain. Our best-in-class Quality Management Services are third-party accredited, OEM approved and include rigorous processes and state-of-the-art equipment. With our in-house Materials Testing Laboratory, there is no need to outsource your chemical testing requirements, saving you time and expense.

With over 100 experienced Quality Assurance (QA) personnel, we follow specific guidelines for a number of protocols, including Receiving and Final Inspections, QA Compliance, Kit Inspections, QA Engineering, model-based definition through Coordinate Measuring Machine inspection, and First Article Inspection Report verification.

Certifications, Accreditations and Memberships

Our Quality certifications include AS9100, AS9120, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and FAA AC-0056B with a 99.9% Quality rating.

Wesco Aircraft is involved in industry-leading efforts and trends through our membership with Aerospace Industries Association (AIA).  As a voting member, this allows us to take part and influence change through the following:

  • National Aerospace Standards Committee (NASC)
  • Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)
  • Supply Chain Management Council (SMC)

In addition, we are also technical advisors to other aerospace industry groups such as Industrial Fastener Institute (IFI), Aerospace Fasteners Standards Advisory Committee (AFSAC), Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), and Nadcap.

We are also active in working with Trade Associations and consortiums for the chemical industry such as the Global Chromates Consortium for Aerospace (GCCA).  The GCCA objective is to share resources, information, and costs to ensure continuity of supply of products containing hexavalent chrome that are used by the Aerospace and Defense industries in Europe. Wesco Aircraft is registered to source potassium dichromate, chromium trioxide, sodium dichromate and sodium chromate in the EU.

Regulatory Compliance

As a Quality Management Services provider, we enable access to online quality documentation that demonstrates the quality and certification controls being deployed. We provide full product traceability and multi-lingual safety data sheets, as well as compliance with the following regulations to give you greater confidence in your supply chain:

  • ITAR
  • TSCA
  • IATA
  • IMDG
  • RoHS

Dock to Stock

Your deliveries need to be quality inspected, but the process slows your operations. Wesco can do it for you to save you time and money.

Our Dock to Stock services let you stock deliveries the moment they arrive. That means no duplicate inspection necessary, and no stalled operations from incorrect or missing paperwork.  Your company will also benefit from:

  • Cost savings: better cash flow for company investment
  • Time savings: staff can focus on high-value work instead of paperwork
  • Faster Operations: no-delay stocking means increased productivity and increased competitive advantage

As an aerospace Quality Leader and voting member of critical advisory boards, we have the quality expertise to fulfill your company’s unique requirements. You just tell us what KPIs to fulfill and enjoy streamlined quality inspections.

Implementing a program is as easy as sending an email, so do not hesitate to contact us and discuss options for accelerating your operations.

Delegated Quality Representative (DQR)

For more complex and expansive programs, we offer Delegated Quality Representative services.

DQRs are your company’s personal quality experts: a team of professionals trained in the intricacies of your quality requirements. DQRs present an ideal way to streamline operations for businesses with detailed and critical quality guidelines.

Our quality inspection procedures are fully available for customer audits. We stand by the quality of our service and know you will do the same upon review.

Extract your operations from the difficulty of compliance with stringent aerospace quality requirements. Let our dedicated quality experts handle it for you and to your exact standards. 


Benefits of Quality Management Services

  • Decreased risk to your operations by reducing non-conformance issues
  • Pre-inspected product ready to use in production upon receipt
  • Time and cost savings through in-house laboratory testing
  • Full product traceability and documentation
  • Improved regulatory compliance to the latest standards to secure supply chain continuity
  • Consistent processes and quality performance on a global scale

Quality Certificates

  • AC00-56a
  • AS9100-ISO 9001
  • AS9120-ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

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